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Where I Was Last Weekend

Like what I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was in Subic last weekend of another ASP.NET talk. The talk went well only that it was after my talk I was reminded that I spoke for an hour and a half. No wonder I got carried away with my talk knowing that the venue is really a good place to talk. Even if my laptop malfunctioned before my talk (function key isn’t working until I brutally force it to work), the audience were delighted with the topic I presented.

All in all, we have 67 persons in attendance and at least 30 of them were students (though I think they comprise majority of the audience).

After spending 2 consecutive weekends out of Manila, I will be having a rest this week but hopefully can get around after. You can read the organization’s write-up here. I just realized, I should learn how to smile again in front of the camera. 😛



I received an e-mail from Microsoft informing me that I was awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the ASP/ASP.NET technical communities for the July 2008 cycle.

As the official site states:

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. Microsoft MVPs are a highly select group of experts that represents the technical community’s best and brightest, and they share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others.

Good news do really come after the bad ones. My laptop just got broken as well as my camera is now malfunctioning. Talk about good riddance.

Nonetheless, again, thanks to all who supported me and in all the endeavors that made this possible. Ad astra per aspera!

Fully Booked!

My remaining June weekends are fully booked. I will be out of Manila this Saturday and next Saturday. However, the last week isn’t work related as the former but it would be a nice activity moving up north doing talks on .NET technologies.

I will be talking about ASP.NET 3.5 for the Subic Olongapo IT Society. Basing from the website, a lot of them have worked with Joomla (in PHP) so I guess my talk would play around comparison between web development in PHP and ASP.NET. Having worked on PHP for 4 years would be a good backgrounder for introducing ASP.NET to the PHP developer. 🙂

And my moonlighting projects aren’t done yet. Poor me. 😦

Post Community Launch Thanks

In behalf of the Philippine .NET Users Group (and Philippine SQL Server Users Group, Philippine Windows Users Group), we would like to thank all people who came and graced our Community Launch event. Admittedly, we had an intimate number of people who came to the event but nonetheless I guess everyone was happy with the topics, freebies and the endless supply of Chicken Joy and drinks. 😛

Aside from some Microsofties, I also had the chance to meet Canny Wang – the MVP lead for Southeast Asia. I hope she had a great time with us during the event and the short tour of the old Manila (Intramuros, Luneta, Taft Avenue, etc.) by night after our dinner in SM Mall of Asia. You can check the event photos here and post event photos here.

Looking forward to more events of the community, two members of PHINUG will be in Subic for a .NET Symposium with the Subic-Olongapore IT Society (SOITS). This means that PHINUG will now start doing out of Manila roadshows.

no {frills}

We are inviting you to the Philippine {heroes} Community Launch event on 7 June 2008. The 3 user groups, Philippine .NET Users Group, Philippine Windows Users Group, and Philipine SQL Server Users Group will conduct technical topics surrounding these great technologies.

See the official announcement here and sign-up page (as well other details) is located here.

Just a quick note that this is a User-group led initiative. 🙂

Thank You from PHINUG

A big thanks to those who participated in the Philippine Launch Wave of Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008. The event was a huge success not only for Microsoft Philippines but for the user groups who was present during the launch delivering mini-sessions as well as the breakout session.

We had to change topic on the day prior the launch as our prepared topic was quite different from what was advertised. Our supposed topic was a Windows Presentation Foundation using Visual Studio 2008 but what was advertised was “Visual Studio 2008”. Personally, I think that the topic is too technical for a launch event but I have decided to have this topic to be delivered in future events. Fortunately, we were able to get speakers from the core group of PHINUG: Jonjon Limjap on Language Enhancements for C# 3.0 and VB 9.0, Edu Lorenzo for LINQ and of course, yours truly for Windows Presentation Foundation.

The Speakers

Jonjon on his Language Enhancements talk

Edu on his LINQ talk

me, on WPF

I had to cut my time short in our breakout session due to time constraint but I do hope I was able to convey the message I am doing for WPF. There were a lot of people who were interested with the new developer technologies and from students, professionals, business owners, we were able to at the least address their concerns on migrating, etc.

Most of the things that we presented on stage are demos and if I’m not mistaken, we only have 5 slides on stage that includes the welcome and thank you messages. No downloads yet at this point (well at least for me) and I’ll post the demos on our next event.

Again, thank you to those who came, who dropped by our event, and I hope the group was able to help you out with your concerns.

A Humble Recognition


Microsoft has included me in the list of Community Heroes in their page.

Thanks Microsoft and I labia! Inspires me to do more for the community.  🙂

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