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3rd MS Kapihan

What supposed to be a Saturday event turned out as a holiday event. With the President declared Tuesday as a national holiday, the MVPs who met last Wednesday finalized the next MS Kapihan session will be held on the holiday and this time in Subic. This is my second kapihan session as I missed the first one since I have a class back then in UP and we were so delayed in schedule that I cannot afford to skip another Saturday. Everyone who joined came in at SM North Edsa yesterday to join a van convoy going to Subic. With members of the community as well as some Microsoft Student Partners, we embarked a 2+ hours travel to Subic via SCTEX. This is my second time to pass by SCTEX and unfortunately, I witnessed another accident along the road.

The topics discussed in this kapihan session revolved around the Microsoft Azure Platform. This is one of the topics I am particularly interested in aside from the topic covered during the second MS Kapihan that revolved around Windows Phone 7. The discussion kicked-off by myself, discussing the free add-on for Visual Studio 2010 that makes development much more transparent and easier to track methods in one of the features that it have – the Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010.

As someone who is more into coding, I find this tool helpful especially the Solution Navigation which I think is the feature that benefit me most. Locating the definitions for the methods I use, properties within the class, the classes where they are defined, parameters and return value are made easy using this one. The window docks itself in the same location where Solution Explorer is located. There’s also a search bar that loops  through the files associated with the currently loaded project/solution.

After the discussion on the tools, it was followed through by MVPs Allan Mangune and John Delizo covering some tools on testing included in the Ultimate SKU of Visual Studio 2010 as well as working with continuous integration with Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server. One of the community members, Joey de Jesus, also discussed the database tools included in the same SKU of Visual Studio.

The main topic on Azure was started by MVP Roman Canlas focusing on the fundamentals of the Azure Platform, components in a nutshell and a brief discussion on the Storage Services. There’s a discussion among the developers and with my delight, the MSPs also participated in the discussion based from their own experience. Honestly, this one is an interesting technology on my part considering that most major players in the IT field are leveraging time, resources, and investments on this type of platform. Aside from Microsoft, other players are Amazon, Google, and IBM to name a few have their own distinct implementations that caters to different cloud computing needs. As for my part, it would be more logical for me to work on the Microsoft platform as most of my development experience leans more on this. After the discussion, lunch was served, and as people who doesn’t love technology but also doing fun, we had another set of photo shooting within the freeport premises and the kulitan by the main building.

This kapihan brought back some of the familiar faces in the Microsoft community. Referred to as the “chief”, Jerome Punzalan, the first president of the Philippine .NET Users group was there to participate and give his insights on the discussion. Also, there are some members as well from Philippine Windows Users Group were there to listen and have their opinions aired. Participation in MS Kapihan is free and I think the next venue would be in Quezon City.

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