What Could Have Happened

No, this is not a late reply to the withdrawal of Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo. Yesterday, I brought to the office back-up of my files that came from my broken laptop hard drive. Since these are old discs and the optical drive of my laptop is quite choosy on what discs to read, I brought them to the office and have it transferred to my portable drive. I encountered several files which include the then Konfabulator, (which is now called Yahoo! widgets) – a widget software for Windows. I downloaded a newer version of that and currently use in the office.

Then all of a sudden, something came and popped up off my mind on what could have happened if the merger of Yahoo and Microsoft pushed through. Well aside from having an increased market share in the search engine business, here’s something that worth is considering (at least to myself):

Yahoo! bought Konfabulator and it made widespread use of widgets in Windows machines (I don’t know how long Apple has been using widgets in MacOS). Microsoft introduced the concepts of sidebar gadgets in Windows Vista. I am not sure how complex or how difficult would it be to create Yahoo! widgets but I am assuming that the widget runtime/SDK will complement/supplement the existing sidebar gadget development and perhaps introduce more features than what the gadgets can offer today. With the vast collection of widgets available for download, should the merger took place, a lot of these can be used/ported to Windows Sidebar.

For someone who has developed Windows Sidebar gadgets, it is quite painful to develop using existing tools. I’ve read somewhere that a tool has been made for developing sidebar gadgets using Visual Studio 2005 but development would be much more easier if there’s an API that would provide object model for sidebar gadgets.

Oh well, that’s my what could have been. Widgets/gadgets may appear as mere eyecandy but there’s a lot of potential that can be exploited to have this software be used for practical reasons. 🙂


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