Facebook is addictive!


And I’m hooked. Facebook is yet another social networking website, similar to Friendster, MySpace but it offers a wide range of applications that you can append to your account. What caught my attention in the site is that despite the extensions (aka “add-ons”) that you can place in your profile, you can still maintain its’ “professional” look unlike Friendster where people waste time changing the skin of their profiles. So much for personalization but sometimes people tend to overdo the flexibility offered by these sites. For the record, I don’t mean that social networking sites are a waste of time, it’s actually an antidote for the virus called WORK that I usually encounter everyday. However, I don’t lose my attention to my job that feeds me monthly and I only visit these sites on petix moments. 😛

Of all the previous social networking site invitations that I have received from my friends, I only keep my Friendster, Facebook, and LinkedIn (my business-oriented social networking site) as my WORK antidote. I have Friendster since 2003 and if you’re in the Philippines, it’s extremely popular. What’s good also is that my relatives in the US prefer to use it rather than MySpace. You can check Facebook and check out the look and feel of the site (if you want it to). 🙂


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